When hosting a Halloween Party you must have a number of fun Halloween Party Games to entertain your guests with. Here are some fun ideas that will get your guests up, moving, and competing.

1) Bobbing for Apples. This classic game is always fun for everyone and it so easy to do. All you need is a large bucket filled with water and a bunch of apples. Place the apples in the water and allow everyone to take turns trying to grab one using only their mouth.

2) Pumpkin Decorating Contest. Have a bunch of smaller pie pumpkins, one for each guest along with some poster paint. Let each guest paint their pumpkin and then have a judging contest. Award prizes for scariest pumpkin, most creative pumpkin, silliest pumpkin and so on.

3) Scavenger Hunt. Fall is filled with all kinds of things that mark the season, including leaves, acorns, gourds, and more. Create a list of items that each guest must find hidden in your backyard. First to the finish line with everything on their list wins a prize.

4) Costume Contest. A Halloween party is just not the same without costumes. Award your guests for their creativity by holding a contest.

5) Pumpkin Bowling. For this game you will need some round pumpkins and some tall gourds that can stand up. Set up the gourds as bowling pins and then allow each of your guests the chance to roll the pumpkin into them, seeing how many they can knock down. This game is sure to be played over and over.

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