The Miraculous Effects of Music

Music can be defined as an art of sound that expresses feelings, emotions, and ideas. It can be presented through the elements of rhythm, melody, and harmony through various instruments and voices. It is a way to express one’s feeling through various instruments and lyrics. One cannot imagine a life without music. Listening to music improves our mental and physical health in many ways. Learning music also has its own benefits like taking musical training can help raise our IQs.

Benefits of listening to music:

• It can decrease the level of the stress hormones in your body which affects the chronic stress. It can be a stress healer as it has a direct effect on our hormones. It can also be considered as a natural antidepressant.

• The people who are actively listening or making music have a better immune system than that of a passive listener.

• For people who are suffering from insomnia, listening to the instrument or relaxing classical music before bedtime can help you catch some Zs.

• Listening to music can be helpful in reducing pain and emotions. Whether you had a breakup or have lost someone close to you; music can help you get over the feelings of loneliness as it gives you an emotional boost.

• When you listen to music your brain releases dopamine, a chemical that can increase the feelings of happiness, excitement, and joy.

• Listening to music is like exercise to our brain. A person who has some sort of memory problem or brain damage can regain partial or full access of their past memory (depending upon the severity of the patient) by listening to music. It is also found beneficial for the health of the brain of people of older ages.

• As our memory has a strong connection with the music we like, it can help recall old memories as the rhythm and sound of music stay within the depths of our mind for a long time.

• No matter the genre, listening to music enables the brain release endorphins which help in the improvement of vascular health.

• Listening to music daily for about 30 minutes can help you de-stress, slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure.

• It might be weird but if you listen to soft music in combination with soft light, you tend to consume less food as you enjoy it more than the food.

• It can be a get way to pass your time while traveling. If you have to drive for a long distance then listening to music can help boost your mood while driving and can prevent you from sleep leading to a safer behavior and fewer road accidents.

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Music You Should Know About

They originated from the African-American work songs. The songs are characterized by simple and plain designs. The first blues song was published in 1912 and was written by Hart Wand. Prior to 1940s, blues music was played unplugged but with the entry of electric instruments, most of the music now heavily relies on the instruments. According to experts, the music is the precursor of R&B and Rock music. There are many types of blues music with the most popular being Delta, Chicago, Jump, East coast, and jump blues.


It’s said to be one of the oldest surviving styles of modern times. Most people consider it as the most restrictive and formal types of music. It’s sung with uncontrolled vibrato and total emotional release. While the music is great, it often lacks the intimacy that is common with most other types of songs. There are many types of this music including: opera, madrigals, symphony, chamber music, choral and Gregorian chant.


This is a broad form of music that is characterized by a strong beat, simple chord structure, and often played loudly. The main instruments used are electric guitar, bass, vocals, and drums. Experts report that the songs originated from the fusion of country music and blues. There are many types of this music under this genre. They include: Rock n roll, southern, garage, glam and punk rock.


Country music emerged in 1920. Experts believe that it emerged from folk songs of the southern USA. Just like the blues music, the songs feature a simple, three-chord arrangement. This arrangement gives a lot of room for innovation. The songs are sung using different instruments such as harmonicas, banjos, electric guitars and fiddles. There are many types of these songs including: rockabilly, country rock, Honky Tonk, blue glass music, outlaw country, country rock, Nashville sound, contemporary country, new traditionist, Bakersfield sound, Texas country and many others.


Also known as the classical version of the blues music, it resulted from among the black community of the southern US. The music is often performed by ensembles but in some cases, single artists perform it too. The songs are characterized by African undertones that are evident in the mixture of improvisations, syncopation, swing note, and polyrhythms. Just like other types of music, there are many types of jazz music. They include: Bebop, Chicago style, New Orleans, and fusion jazz music.

Role of Music in Human Life

Music is one of the greatest creations of human kind in the course of history. It is creativity in a pure and undiluted form and format. Music plays a vital role in our daily life. It is a way of expressing our feelings and emotions. Music is a way to escape life, which gives us relief in pain and helps us to reduce the stress of the daily routine. It helps us to calm down, an even excites us in the moment of joy. Moreover, it enriches the mind and gives us self confidence.

Music surrounds our lives at different moments of lives, whether we hear it on the radio, on television, from our car and home stereos. Different kinds of music are appropriate for different occasions. We come across it in the mellifluous tunes of a classical concert or in the devotional strains of a bhajan, the wedding band, or the reaper in the fields breaking into song to express the joys of life. Even warbling in the bathroom gives us a happy start to the day. Music has a very powerful therapeutic effect on the human psyche. It has always been part of our association with specific emotions, and those emotions themselves have given rise to great music.

The origins of Indian music can be traced back to the chanting of the Sama Veda nearly 4,000 years ago. The primacy of the voice, and the association of musical sound with prayer, were thus established early in the history of Indian music. Today, music is available for us in different forms and the choice for music varies from person to person just as the reading choices vary from one another. There is folk music, classical music, devotional music, instrumental, jazz, rock music, pop music, hindi movie songs and many more.

In the modern world, Music has gained an honourable designation of ‘HEALING WITHOUT MEDICINE’. Doctors feel that music therapy has been helping them in treating many people with problems like dementia, dyslexia depression and trauma.” Many children with learning disability and poor co-ordination have been able to learn, and respond to set pieces of music. Many people with genetic disability have found a new light in the form of music.

Dance critic Ashish Khokar cites an experiment as proof: “Music is produced from sound, and sound affects our sense perception in many ways. Even fish in an aquarium were once made to listen to different kinds of music and it was found that their movements corresponded with the beat of the music. Mind you, fish do not hear, they only felt the vibrations of the sound through water. So you can imagine what a profound effect sound and music might have on the human mind.”

Anand Avinash, founder of the Neuro Linguistic Consciousness workshop who has researched music therapy says,”the mystics and saints from ancient to modern times have shown how music can kindle the higher centers of the mind and enhance quality of life.” Mantras, or chants used in the West, repeated monotonously, help the mind to achieve a sense of balance. A combination of the sounds in Sanskrit mantras produce certain positive vibrations and elevate the mind to a higher lever of consciousness.

We all know that meditation cleanses the system of its negative energies and vibrations. And music is a powerful aid to meditation. In many meditation workshops, music is used to make people more aware of their moods and feelings. People are made to lie down and empty their minds and then listen to the music which is systematically changed so that they can fit through different emotions and state of consciousness.

Many people also believe that any music you respond to positively will work for you, regardless of its content. Thus, even pop music might work wonders for you.

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Why Use Videos In Marketing

When you can deliver a short video to explain something important to your audience that would take more time to explain in print, you’re giving tremendous value to them. Additionally, the majority of your audience will be impressed that you spent the time to make the video. It’s not seen as easy to do because there are some tools needed and some thought must go into the production of the video. But don’t worry, it’s not really that difficult to do.

Videos can be used in direct advertisements, on a sales page, in an email message, and in your blog. Doing so will expand your brand, boost your visibility, and solidify your authority in your niche.

Advances Your Brand’s Message and Boosts Brand Awareness

If you make sure that each video you produce is branded, regardless of how far it goes after you share it, the information will also enhance your brand’s recognition. It is said that it takes a new person at least seven times seeing your brand before they begin to remember it. That’s why even when people don’t click on the video and watch it, they’ll still get some of the information into their head if it’s branded well.

And, if you get the headline right, they might share it, which spreads your message even further.

Understand Your Audience

Video marketing is very effective. But when you create marketing videos, it’s important to understand who your audience is, what they want, what they need and how your information solves their problems better than your competition does.

Once you have determined your target audience, narrowed down your subject matter, and you know what message you want to convey to your audience, it’s time to create a very targeted video that’s a maximum of two to five minutes long. That’s about the highest attention span most audiences have. It may not seem a long time, but it gives you a good deal of time to provide value, relevancy and the quick solutions that your audience desires.

Videos Are Easy To Make

The most important aspects of marketing videos is that people can clearly see and hear what’s happening. That means lighting and audio are important. Today it’s not hard to find an affordable camera. Odds are, the camera on your smartphone is good enough.

Businesses that use videos in their marketing are seeing a huge increase in return on investment. Videos increase conversions, so it makes sense to learn as much as you can about video marketing.

How To Use Videos For Marketing

The reality is, videos for marketing are very effective. The first thing that probably pops into your head when you think about videos for marketing is demonstration videos or ‘explainer’ videos. That’s because video is the easiest technology to use when you want to explain something to your target audience. It’s the next best thing to being there in person.

But, you do need to understand how it all works together, who your audience is, what they want, what they need and how your information fixes their problems much better than your competitors.There are several ways you can use videos for marketing.

Video Testimonials

The reason you may want to use a video testimonial is that you can put each testimonial into different marketing videos to help build trust with your audience. You can use a short video testimonial on a sales page, in paid ads, and on social media as a post and share.

Videos In Sales Letters

A video sales letter is a great way to show your audience what the benefits are about a new product or service. In this instance, you don’t even need to show your face if you don’t want to, particularly if you’re showing a demonstration in the sales letter. A video sales letter generally converts higher than a plain text sales page when you want to give something away, or when you want to sell something.

Product Demo Videos

This is a great way to use video. You’ve probably seen product demos in TV adverts for many years. But, you want yours to be short and sweet without the hard sell TV ads. Instead, do a stylish demo of your product but keep it brief. You don’t have to show everything, just the idea. You can create more in-depth videos for buyers.

How-To Videos

Develop a how-to video that is no longer than five minutes long, as shorter videos tend to work best. You can always include an extended video for your customers. You want to give them just enough information. Use this type of video whenever you want to have an easier way to explain things to your audience.

Bridal Party Games

A bridal party or “shower” is a friendly gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of their wedding. This party takes place approximately six weeks before the big day. Believe it or not the tradition of bridal showers originated in the 1890’s making it well over a hundred years old. Normally, the groom and their friends are not invited due to the on-going and sometimes embarrassing nature of the party itself. Lucky for you, most guys think this event is boring anyway.

The party usually consists of family and friends giving the future bride personal girly gifts consisting of make-up, perfume, jewelry, clothes, shoes, keepsakes etc…

Sometimes it can be hard to getting everyone together so having a close friend of the bride or family member to host the event makes it much easier. There are many great gifts, food displays, and live entertainment options that we look forward to sharing with you yet this post is dedicated to sharing a few of our favorite bridal party games.

Before the shower, make a list of standard items that you carry in your purse – credit cards, keys, lip gloss etc. Then add more random or risque things like condoms, toothpicks, or dog treats (make it fun!). Sometime after people arrive – or at a designated point in time, the host calls out the items on the list and the first guest to pull the object from their purse wins a door prize! This scavenger hunt type of game can be modified to your liking so have fun with it.

Toilet Paper Gown 
This is a classic bridal shower game and all you need is toilet paper and tape! Divide your guests into small teams and select the future Bride or other guest to be the living model. The goal here is to have everyone working together to create a masterpiece wedding gown. Don’t forget the veil, and accessories! This silly game gets everyone hilariously laughing. The guest of honor can select a winner based on creativity and participation. Can you imagine your 80 year old grandmother standing there in an entire dress made of toilet paper? Hilarious!

Celebrity Hubby 
Admit it, we all have our weaknesses for one celebrity or another… we’re a huge fan of Bradley Cooper and Robert Downey Jr. We wouldn’t mind being married to those hunks! This game is simple and makes for fun conversation! Everyone writes down their dream celebrity husband’s name on a slip of paper and then they all get tossed into a hat or bowl. The host (or another dedicated person) will then read each slip one by one and guess who chose who. You’d be surprised what celebs get chosen and by whom.

Bridal Pictionary 
The rules are based on pictionary! The best way to customize this for a bridal shower game is to have everyone write down wedding related terminology for each person to draw. All you need is paper, writing utensils and crafty words tossed into a hat! Examples of words could be, party, nose ring, banana, love, sparkle, chakras, coconut, raisin, and many more. Just try to think of adjectives – words that describe a noun vs. the noun itself.

He Said, She Said 
Who said it? All you have to do is plan ahead! Craft a fun sheet listing a series of statements that refer to either the bride or the groom. The cards above allow you to circle the mustache if you think the groom said it, or the lips if you think the bride said it! We recommend setting these cards on the table with a drop box nearby. This way your guests can fill them out at their leisure and drop them in the box. This is a great conversation piece as well as a fun way to learn more about the happy couple!

Birthday Party Games

Some friends of mine were having a birthday party for their son a while back. They had carefully planned every aspect of the event. The food was a hit, the entertainer was professional, and everyone really got into the theme.

The games went quite a bit faster than anticipated. One game that they expected to last over fifteen minutes was over in less than three! When dealing with kids you’ve always got the element of surprise. It doesn’t matter how much planning you do, there’s always a curveball at the last second.

The parents weren’t supposed to be back to pick up everyone for another half hour. When the children ran out of things to do, they naturally got antsy. Mom and dad started giving each other terrified looks.

Fortunately, I was there to help. Here are two fun birthday party games that don’t require any equipment or preparation. They can be done at the last second and stretched out without getting boring. Keep these in your arsenal at all time just in case.

Heads Up! Seven Up! 
Seven players stand in front of the group. The group sits down and closes their eyes. The seven in front go around and each touch one person. After seven people have been touched, the seven choosers go back to the front of the room. Then the seven would say “Heads up seven up” and each “touched” student gets one chance to guess which of the seven touched him/her. If they guess right then they get to change places with that person. If they did not guess right, then the same person gets to stay up do it again.

Grocery List A-Z 
Start out by saying, “I went to the grocery store and bought apples.” Then ask the players to add to the list something bought at the grocery store that starts with the letter B such as “a brush”. The next player continues with the letter C and so forth all the way to Z. If a younger child can’t think of something, the adults and older kids can help.

Last but not least there’s one other emergency preparation that you should make before the party begins.

Have a Movie! 
Stop by your local movie rental store and pick up a popular kids movie. If all else fails you can pop it in and the children will be entertained until their parents come to pick them up.

Fun Halloween Party Games

When hosting a Halloween Party you must have a number of fun Halloween Party Games to entertain your guests with. Here are some fun ideas that will get your guests up, moving, and competing.

1) Bobbing for Apples. This classic game is always fun for everyone and it so easy to do. All you need is a large bucket filled with water and a bunch of apples. Place the apples in the water and allow everyone to take turns trying to grab one using only their mouth.

2) Pumpkin Decorating Contest. Have a bunch of smaller pie pumpkins, one for each guest along with some poster paint. Let each guest paint their pumpkin and then have a judging contest. Award prizes for scariest pumpkin, most creative pumpkin, silliest pumpkin and so on.

3) Scavenger Hunt. Fall is filled with all kinds of things that mark the season, including leaves, acorns, gourds, and more. Create a list of items that each guest must find hidden in your backyard. First to the finish line with everything on their list wins a prize.

4) Costume Contest. A Halloween party is just not the same without costumes. Award your guests for their creativity by holding a contest.

5) Pumpkin Bowling. For this game you will need some round pumpkins and some tall gourds that can stand up. Set up the gourds as bowling pins and then allow each of your guests the chance to roll the pumpkin into them, seeing how many they can knock down. This game is sure to be played over and over.